Energy Deregulation by State

In the 1930s, the energy market was regulated so that only utilities could deliver and supply energy. In order to control costs for consumers, the government placed a rate cap on the utility's energy prices. This left consumers with no choice in energy rates or plans. However, in the past few decades, state governments have begun to pass legislation to separate the supply and delivery portions of energy service.

Deregulation laws introduced a new opportunity to residents in many states: the right to choose an energy supplier. Residents in these areas have access to a number of energy suppliers that offer alternative prices, plans and customer service options. Deregulation varies by state. Across the nation, you will find states that are deregulated across all energy types, those that have partial deregulation – such as only one commodity or only for commercial customers – and those that haven't yet or are still contemplating the benefits of energy deregulation. To find how deregulation affects you, click on your state below.

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